World Brands SE84665 – Helicóptero Falcon


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Recognised as ‘The smallest remote controlled helicopter in the world’ by The Guinness Book of Records, the remarkable Nano Falcon features a contra rotating rotor design, combined with a sophisticated electronic gyro for superb directional stability. Silverlit’s brilliant Nano Falcon offers the ultimate build quality and specification available, providing a surprisingly smooth and responsive performance. Easy and fun to fly indoors in a reasonable size room, the Nano Falcon is remarkably robust made of impact resistant plastic, and includes a flashing red power indicator plus an LED light.Suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts, steer the chopper by simply moving the transmitter joy stick left or right, whilst operating the throttle to take off, hover and land. The tiny Silverlit Nano Falcon is only eight centimetres long, incorporates a lightweight lithium polymer battery and will fly for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from the transmitter in less than half an hour.The attractive Silverlit Power in Air packaging includes a fully assembled helicopter supplied ready-to-fly, complete with a pre-installed three channel proportional wide beam infrared control system, an informative flight manual, and two replacement tail rotors. The Nano Falcon is available on bands A, B or C to allow up to three different Silverlit models to be flown together. As the assortment varies, we are unable to guarantee which colour product or remote control band you will receive. Requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not included).


  • Características psicopedagogicas: Habilidad manual, Orientación espacial
  • Número de pilas: 6
  • Tipo y especificación: Pilas AA – 1,5V
  • Edad: Desde 10 años.


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